What is MapCortex?

MapCortex is a leading geospatial and mapping application suite enabling users to operate a complex mapping system with an easy to use interface and associated infrastrucutre.

What is the difference between MapCortex and other mapping and spatial application?

MapCortex is primarily based on one main principle - usability and user frindliness. There are plethora of very good online mapping tools, yet some of these are only able to provide basic functionalities such as address search, address routing, traffic updates and only a few basemaps such as one streetmap and one aerial imagery (Google Maps is one of these) or providing a wide range of functionalities for professional users (for example Quantum GIS desktop tool) yet requiring extensive knowledge of spatial science and computing matters. MapCortex Suite is trying to bridge this gap by providing all essential and even advanced functionalities of a modern geospatial application combined with the ease of usability of any major web applications.

What are the major applications I can use within the MapCortex Suite?

The following applications are part of the MapCortex application ecosystem:

What is MapCortex Free Edition and what is it good for?

MapCortex Free Edition can be used for a wide range of use. On a fundamental level MapCortex Free Edition can be used as a tool that helps you create drawings on online maps, measure areas and distances, save and load your projects, search for addresses globally, find location coordinates, bookmark map views and share map screenshots on your favourite social media site.

MapCortex Free Edition contains a dozen of colorful online maps, street maps and aerial imagery that can help you to find any location. Moreover, should you happen to travel to the People's Republic of China then the application can show you street maps with street names either in Simplifeid Mandarin or in English.

You can install MapCortex Free Edition from the Windows Store to your Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 computer or Surface - free of charge. Click here to know more about MapCortex Free Edition.